This is our journey
To a sustainable future

We are dedicated to
learning / sharing / change
on a personal and global scale

You / Me / Us

Life on earth is a set of complex systems that are interdependent. Our choices are not isolated, and we are only one part of "Us" in the ecosystem.
It is imperative that we, You and I, begin to explore and learn that "Us" is larger than our local spatio-temporal perception.

Our Actions Matter

Our responsibility to the only living thing we know to exist -earth and all of it's biodiversity- is to recognize what creates a sustainable and optimized future.
What we do now, inside The Great Filter , will determine our and earth's future. We are all we have left on this earth to save us from ourselves.

The Great Filter

Our civilization is moving through "The Great Filter".
Our education, understanding, sharing and actions will determine our and earth's lineage
Through shared learning and action as individuals and a civilization, we can achieve sustainability as a
Type I Civilization
This is our journey

Join us - read along - learn together
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